Can you do snorkeling if you don’t know swimming? The answer is quite simple– Yes! We, at MolaMola Diving Center, make it possible for non-swimmers so they can also feel the magical experience of being a part of the rich marine life of Oman, even if it is for some time only. The underwater world of the Daymaniyat Islands is considered the best in the country, and that’s why, it would be absolutely great if you could have your first dive here. Oh, the things you will see! Turtles along with so many colourful fish can be spotted in its clear waters. And the excitement doesn’t end here! Don’t forget about the bright-coloured corals that further enhance the beauty of the island’s aquatic world. And you know what’s the best part? That you can get spellbound by all this oozing natural charm even if you are not a swimmer. You can be completely surrounded by water and look at incredible fish right in front of you without knowing swimming. 

MolaMola Diving Center, a 5-star PADI center, is there with you at every step when you have finally decided to take the leap of faith. If you are a non-swimmer, even then you should consider snorkeling. Of course, you may think that “I will be in the water, surrounded by water, and I can’t swim. Is that a good idea for me?”. In one word, the answer is ‘Yes’. If you want to dive, then go dive. Nothing should stop you ever from exploring the rich marine life of Oman.

 When it comes to diving for the first time, then a majority of people choose the Daymaniyat Islands as their destination. The reason is simple! No other place in the country has such amazing marine life. In addition to that, corals here are also not so bleached as in other places. Till the time they are somewhat protected from the effects of global warming, you should go for a dive here to see something magical. Who knows what’s going to happen next!

 Snorkeling for the first time is a marvellous experience. The feeling of breathing for the first time under the water is nothing less than a treasure in itself. Whosoever tries snorkeling with us comes out with the feeling of ‘WOW’! However, if you go scuba diving as well, then that ‘Wow’ will soon turn into “OMG, I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT!!!’. Going deeper and deeper will let you unlock other levels of surprise. Only then you will be able to believe that whatever you see in an underwater documentary on the Discovery Channel, is real and you can get to see all that as well. And for that certification, swimming is required. 

 Even after your first dive when you don’t know swimming, you will be fascinated with this experience and would love to do it again wherever and whenever possible. Before doing it, you may be a little bit nervous. But the feeling of letting yourself descend inside the water will be so good. You will be completely weightless. It can be barely explained in words how it actually feels to be in that zone. It is a mix of surprise and adrenaline rush. It is like a perfect cocktail of innumerable and unforgettable memories in the right proportion. All you need is the willingness to go under the water. 

 If you ever get an opportunity to have the miraculous experience of snorkeling in Oman, then grab it! Diving with the experts of MolaMola Diving Center will surely be a great addition to your life. Being a non-swimmer is not an obstacle at all if you dive with us as we will make sure that you are 100% safe and happy. Try Dive will be the most suitable option for you as our guide will be right next to you at all times under the water. He will provide you the much-needed support and will be committed to ensure that you are having the experience of a lifetime!