Located on the peninsula of the Arabian Sea, the Sultanate of Oman borders the United Arab Emirates in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west, and Yemen in the southwest. The middle eastern country is known for its rich heritage, diverse wildlife, and friendly locals. It surely offers more than just the desert–vivid marine life being the most sought-after highlight!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Oman is an ideal scuba diving location as it offers simple and calm diving. You can witness abundant marine and coral life in its warm waters, which are home to several species of whales and dolphins as well. Its dive sites also include many species of colorful tropical fish and corals.

Daymaniyat Islands in Muscat is the topmost location for diving. This natural reserve is circled by coral reefs and is a turtle nesting site as well. Abundant fish will surround you when you glide over lush coral reefs down to 100 feet. Rays and reef sharks can also be spotted here.

If you are a water enthusiast (or not), you are going to enjoy the incredible marine life offered by the emerald isles. Diving is an extremely thrilling and amazing activity for all water babies. To enjoy this life-changing experience, you don’t need to be an experienced swimmer; a beginner can also have a truly rewarding time under the water while exploring the unknown. You cannot afford to miss a glimpse of the underwater world in Oman.

Best time for taking dive trips in Oman

Oman is an ideal scuba diving location

The waters of Oman are generally warm throughout the year ranging from 21 to 30 degrees Celsius. However, the best time to dive here is from August to January and March-end to May, owing to the perfect nature, temperature, and environment during these months. The water is calmer and warmer in this season. Fans of whale sharks should plan their dive from July to September-end as it is the best season for spotting them.

What will you see?

The magical marine life of Oman is diverse in the truest sense. There are nearly 200 species of corals, and 1,600 species of fish, along with seasonal appearances by whale sharks, sea turtles, etc. The following also constitute its unbelievable marine world:

  •       Zebra sharks
  •       Blacktip sharks
  •       Whale sharks
  •       Stingrays
  •       Sea turtles

 MolaMola Diving Center specializes in offering incredible dive trips in Oman, especially in the Daymaniyat Islands. These gorgeous islands are jewels in the crown of the Gulf of Oman. Since 1996, the Ministry of Environment has been protecting this group of 9 islands sanctuary for migrating birds and Oman’s premier nature reserve. The country’s only marine National Reserve, these tiny islands are located 30 kilometers from Al Mouj Marina. There are a total of more than 20 dive sites that offer a spectacular underwater experience. You will be amazed when you witness the lovely coral gardens, reefs, walls, large pelagic fish, turtles, rays, leopard sharks, and whale sharks. etc.

Let’s begin your underwater adventure!

Your vacation in Oman is incomplete if you don’t go scuba diving here. The Daymaniyat Islands are known for being the best diving spots in the country. This is popular for having hypnotizing turquoise waters, colorful corals, and enthralling marine life. Imagine going into the depths of such a magical place! It would be an experience of a lifetime. People from all over the world come to Oman to experience this amazing water adventure activity, and their preference is Daymaniyat Islands because that’s the one-stop destination for experiencing the best of the country’s underwater world.