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When is the best time to Dive in Oman?

Diving in Oman (Muscat) is done all year round. From July to late September is the annual whale shark season in Oman. Visibility is at its best in April and May.

What is the water temperature year around?

Water temperature ranges a lot here in Oman. In summer we have warm water with up to 32 degrees on the surface, in winter the surface water temperature is around 26 degrees. As soon as you descend the water gets colder of course, with around 28 degrees in summer, 24 in winter.

Do you offer transportation / pick-up from the Hotel?

No, we do not offer transportation or Hotel pick-up. We have free parking behind our Dive Center and if you do not have your own car, we recommend to use the Otaxi App to get the best fares around Muscat.

How long do I need to wait before I can fly after one or two dives?

Flying after scuba diving is one of the more widely known risks to divers. The pressure in a plane’s cabin is comparable to a fast ascension while diving. This increases the chance of decompression sickness. The general rule is to wait 24 hours to fly after diving. Read here more about this topic.

What is the maximum depths of Daymaniyat Islands?

Daymaniyat Islands offer easy and quite shallow Scuba Diving with a maximum depths of 26 meters.

What can I see when Scuba Diving in Oman?

Daymaniyat Islands are a Nature Reserve for Tutrles, you can see lots of them accordingly. We also have Zebra sharks, huge rays and big moray eels. Lots of healthy soft and hard corals as well as whalesharks during summer time.

Booking / Day Trip:

What is the best way to book for Scuba Diving or Snorkeling with you?

You can either send us a Whatsapp to +968 9667 4612 or an eMail to

Can non-divers join the trip for Snorkeling?

Yes, our Scuba Trips always take Snorkelers as well if requested. We will visit dive sites that are great for both, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.  

Can I bring my own Scuba equipment?

You are more than welcome to bring any personal kit you have – just please let us know in advance if you have a DIN or YOKE regulator. If you miss something, you can of course rent it from us. 

Do you provide full Scuba equipment for rental?

Yes of course. Full equipment hire is 12 OMR per person, if you only need parts of it, the price will be slightly less.

Can I join the trip if I am pregnant?

Saldy no, you are not allowed to dive while you are pregnant. Also we do not recommend to join the boat for Snorkeling in case of unforeseen weather changes.

From what age can children join the trips?

We do take children on our boat from 5 years for Snorkeling. Once they reach 10 years, they can also Try Dive with us.

What should I take with me on the trip?

Bring comfortable clothes, a reusable bottle, a DryBag if you have one and a towel and some sunscreen. Food and drinks are provided. 

Can woman wear bikini on the boat?

Dress modest when arriving at our Dive Center – but there is no problem with wearing a normal Bikini as soon as the boat leaves the marina.

Is there a toilet on the boat?

Yes, we do have a toilet on the boat. Toilet and Showers can also be found in the Dive Center.

What happens in case of bad weather?

Your safety is always our top priority. If the weather or sea conditions are not safe for diving, we will inform you and we can reschedule the dive depending on your availability.

In case of emergency - where is the nearest Decompression Chamber?

The nearest decompression chamber is located at the Royal Hospital in Bowsher, Muscat – 20 minutes from our Dive Center.

I have never tried Scuba Diving before. What can I do?

If you want to become a certified diver you need to take the PADI Open Water Diving Course (3 days). If you don’t have time to finish a full course, you join us on a day trip and do a Try Dive.


Do all the courses require an eLearning?

Yes, all our courses except the PADI Divemaster Course require and eLearning and you have to read and pass it before we can start the course.

Do I have to know how to swim to enroll in a Scuba Diving Course?

Yes, you need to know basic swimming skills to enroll in the PADI Open water Course. The minimum requirements for safety reasons are: 200 meter swim, floating 10 minutes and basic snorkeling skills.

Do I need to have my own Scuba gear?

No, the rental from the Scuba equipment is already included in the course fees.

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