Specialty courses offered by MolaMola Diving Center :

You feel like taking your diving career on a new level? You feel like trying something new? Or your are just so excited to learn it all?

Whatever your reasons are: we are here to help you choose a PADI Speciality and to give you the tools to enhance your exploration of the best Scuba Diving in Oman. Discover your unique diving aptitude – just contact us which course you would like to take and we can talk about all the details on the phone or by eMail. 

Each course is different and teaches you new skills. You can study at home with the PADI eLearning and we will meet afterwards to discuss everything during the inwater training. Some courses may only take some hours, others take up to 5 dives. Whatever you would like to choose – we are here for you and offer you the best Diving in Oman! 

  • Deep Diver
  • AWARE Coral Reef Conservation

  • Project Aware
  • Care for Children w/AED
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy 

We’re here to answer your questions

I never tried scuba diving before. What can I do?

If you want to become a certified diver you need to take the PADI Open Water Diving Course (3 days). If you don’t have time to finish a full course, you join us on a day trip and do a Try Dive.

Do all courses require an E-Learning?

Yes, all our courses except the PADI Divemaster Course require and eLearning and you have to read and pass it before we can start the course.

Do I have to know how to swim to enroll in a scuba diving course?

Yes, you need to know basic swimming skills to enroll in the PADI Open water Course. The minimum requirements for safety reasons are: 200 meter swim, floating 10 minutes and basic snorkeling skills.

Do I need to have my own scuba gear?

No, the rental from the Scuba equipment is already included in the course fees.

If there is any question that we have left unanswered, please contact us directly!

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