You planned your vacation. You booked the flights. And your dives with MolaMola Diving Center are all set. And then, there is this time of the month where you will be getting your period. And it turns out to be exactly on the same dates as your planned dives… It happens.

Probably almost every female diver has asked herself: Is it safe to dive while I am on my period? Be it shark attack, weakness, visual or hygienic issues. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about diving on your period.


Is there a chance of shark attack if I dive on my period?

Some people worry that they’ll be more prone to a shark attack if they go in the water during their period. The good news: There is no evidence that correlates sharks attack and menstruation, nor are there any reported cases of shark attacks on women who are on their period. 

Thankfully, sharks are not going to smell your blood and come pursuing you because you’re menstruating. The warning that a shark can smell blood from five kilometers away is taken as fact, but this does not mean the smell makes the shark any more interested in you as it would be a floating log. Studies have been carried out to watch the shark’s reaction to human blood. Sharks seem inquisitive, however not forceful when human blood is in the water. The conclusion is a relief as it turns out, sharks are most attracted to fish gastric juices (not even fish blood) which bodes well for the shark as a fish that is releasing gastric juices is certainly handicapped and easy prey.

So, don’t worry about the sharks. You should actually be paying more attention to preventing a sunburn, or dehydration while on a dive trip!

Stay well hydrated to prevent DCS and a sunburn

Diving on your period is generally okay. Nonetheless, studies have demonstrated that scuba diving while bleeding may add to a diver’s danger of decompression sickness. One study recorded, that women were twice as liable to experience decompression sickness throughout the first week of their menstrual cycle. So please make sure to ascend conservatively and stay hydrated when diving on your period, not only to prevent DCS but also a sunburn and dehydration.

Diving on our period? We feel no difference

For us female Divers at MolaMola Diving Center, we feel no difference with Diving on our period. We love Diving in Oman and are enjoying it on every day of the month. However, as we know, each body is different. During their time of the month, some women may have stronger pain than others, experiencing severe and possibly debilitating cramps. In that case, the advice is the same as taught from the PADI Open Water course: safety is always the most important thing. Dive only if you feel good and comfortable to do so.

Feel free to reach out to us on our Instagram if we wish to know more to clear your doubts. See you on the boat!