Me – I am Svenia from Germany – and I went Try Diving with MolaMola Diving Center. It was not my first time, but my favorite time ever. Let me tell you why:

The pictures made me do it again

A view years ago I have done my first ever Try Dive in Australia – and sadly, I did not have a good experience. The instructor took me down so fast, that my ears were hurting and I was honestly just scared through the whole dive. Therefore, I really though diving, that’s not for me, even though I love the ocean.

All of my friends who are divers always told me that I have to try again. And as I started planning my vacations in Oman I saw a lot of pictures of the beautiful Daymanyiat Islands and I did read a lot of things about the marina life there. So I decided, let’s do it again.

The best Dive Center in Oman

I did a lot of research about the dive this time. I was looking a lot for a good Dive Center to go with. I wanted a Dive Center I can trust. MolaMola Diving Center had the best raking online as well as a very professional website and Social Media channels – and it was very easy to get in touch with them. I was also impressed how quick they answered me and how well all my many questions were answered. I told them about my fear about the Try Dive from the very beginning and as they were supporting me a lot even before the dive, I gave them my trust and I made my way to their Dive Center at Al Mouj Marina.

As I arrived in the Marina, the big blue sign of MolaMola Diving Center already cached my eye. They welcomed me inside their office very kindly and made me feel comfortable from the start. There was already a bag prepared for me according to the sizes I gave them – very professional. I tried my equipment and the staff was there to support me and making sure everything fits perfectly.


Competent, funny, passionate Instructors

As we went down to the boat, the vibe was already great. The staff did an informative safety briefing before heading into the open ocean and told us the plan for the day. I felt very calm and just super excited for what is about to happen.

When arrived at the islands, I did my first stop Snorkeling. This was great for me – I was able to get comfortable in the water and I already saw around 5 turtles, I was just happy and was completely able to forget that I should be nervous about the Try Dive. As the divers finished their first dive, all of us shared a great Omani BBQ-Lunch on board.

And then, my time came: As we arrived at the second dive site, Divemaster Belinda explained me everything I need to know about Diving. She was just amazing from the start. Warm hearted, competent, funny, serious – everything I needed from my guide to be. She is so passionate about what she does, she was able to answer every single one of my questions.

I am a Diver now

As we jumped into the water, the nervousness overcame me again. I was not sure I was able to do it. But Belinda felt me. She gave me all the time I needed and she waited patiently until I was ready. We descended using a rope so I had something to hold on – It made me feel super save. Belinda was always very close to me and did everything for me, I just had to breath and enjoy the feeling. We went very slowly so I also had enough time to equalize my ears – I did not even feel them this time, amazing!

There was a point where I told her to stop desecind for a while. I just had to get used to the feeling of breathing underwater. But I got used to it quickly, and from that time, I was fully able to just enjoy my Try Dive. And I can tell you – it was AMAZING!

We were swimming around, me holding Belinda’s hand, and I was able to see a lot of turtles, different colored fishes and healthy corals. The dive was around 30 minutes long and it was a pure pleasure.

As we ascend back to the surface, the boat was already waiting for us. Again, Belinda did everthing for me – I was just floating on the surface, still dreaming about what just happened.

Thank you Belinda, thank you MolaMola Diving Center for such a wonderful experience. In the meantime I even did my PADI Open Water Course with them and I am a certified diver now – enjoying the ocean and its beauty more and more! MolaMola Diving Center, you are the best Diving Center in Oman.