Have you visited Ras al Jinz / Ras al Hadd during your vacation here in Oman to see the turtles nesting? Yeah? Well done, it is such a beautiful place. And now you are looking to swim with some of the turtles? Even better! You found the right place to do so. We will take you to Daymaniyat Island – the best place for Snorkeling in Oman and the place where you can meet the Jackson family. A group of 5 turtles living at the Turtle Bay.

Five from seven different types of sea turtles are in Oman

There are seven different types of sea turles around the world – and Omani waters are home to five of them. Every year an abundance of turtles migrate to the beaches and shorelines of the Arab Peninsula to dig a hole and lay their eggs. During these months, around 20,000 turtles come to Oman’s beaches. What a big number, right? All of these turtles live inside our Omani Ocean – and they LOVE Daymaniyat Island.

The Jackson family at Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is the best site to snorkel at Daymaniyat Island if you want to see the turtles. Sometimes we can see more than 8 turtles at the same spot, and there are more all around us. We usually can also find the Jackson family, 5 turtles living together. It’s truly a magical sight: swimming in crystal clear, warm water, watching turtles swimming, eating and playing with each other.

What are you waiting for? The turtles are here all year around. You can just book your Snorkeling trip with us and we will make sure you can see them!