Scuba Diving or Snorkeling in crystal clear water where you can spot turtles, rays or even some harmless sharks – surrounded by beautiful beaches? Does that sound like a dream? It’s not. That’s Oman! We offer warm water, pristine dive sites and plentiful marine life. Keep on reading to get to know more.

We are accessible year-around! 

MolaMola Diving Center isn’t that 0-8-15 Dive Center you might think of. We offer Snorkeling as well as Scuba Diving Trips. And we don’t leave our Snorkelers behind. Daymaniyat Island is the best place to do both activities: the divers can dive at the same spot where the Snorkelers can snorkel.

So as soon as we reach to our first dive site, it’s time for the divers to jump but also for the Snorkelers to get ready. After 50 minutes the boat will go pick up the divers – but the Snorkelers can stay inside the water and continue to search for turtles, rays or sharks.


During the surface intervals for the divers we will all eat together a great BBQ-lunch. After that, either the divers or the snorkelers can decide to take a sunbath on our nice sun deck or jump to the crystal clear water once again. After lunch we will head to our second dive site – where again, the divers can dive and the snorkelers can snorkel at the same spot and the same time.

Great marine life to see!

So if you either are a Scuba Diver or a Snorkeler – get ready for our beautiful, colorful tropical fish and all the healthy corals. You can find bigger fish such as turtles, rays or sharks or if you are looking for the smaller stuff, you can look out for nudibranchs. And hey, we even have a season for Whale Sharks in Oman. Read the blog post about Whalesharks here.

The water temperature in Oman ranges from 19 degrees Celcisus in winter up to 28 degrees in summer. Our waters are warm year-round with the best time from April to May and September to October as the water and air temperatures are ideal, not too hot and not too chilly.

As said before, Daymaniyat is the best place to Snorkel or Scuba Dive in Oman. Daymaniyat Island is located north of Muscat within a 40-minute boat ride from Al Mouj Marina where MolaMola Diving Center is located. We have more than 20 dives sites at Daymaniyat island, but you can find our favorites one here.

Don’t forget your camera!

So what are you waiting for? Pack your swim suit, a towel, some sunscreen, your sun glasses and of course your camera and get ready for an adventure on a lifetime!

We are operating our Scuba Diving and Snorkeling trips every day. Just reach out to us and we are happy to help you with anything you might need.