Oman, a land rich in adventure and beauty is famous for its extensive deserts and rocky mountains is also known to be a paradise for scuba diving. This place is a perfect place for people who love adventure and are always exploring to do more. The diving sites vary from warm shallow water to rocky underwater slopes bringing a unique diving experience altogether with a variety of species of marine life.

Starting from the experienced divers to the newbies who are a little hesitant but want to try it, it can be a great option for both. If you’re a beginner it can offer you calm and peaceful diving. But if you’re a heart-core adventurer who loves challenges and wants more exciting diving then also you can find diving vibing to your interests. This entire place is for everyone who has tried or wants to try scuba diving.

Best season for Oman diving 2023

Best season for Oman diving

Its water is usually warm year around, ranging from 75 F in winter to 86 F in summer means a 5 mm suit is a good choice for most of divers in winter while in summer even just shorts are enough. The best time to go diving in Oman is from April to October as the nature, temperature, and environment are ideal for diving, water is warmer and calmer during this season. Fans of sea turtles can enjoy watching green and hawksbill nesting on island beaches. It is also known as whale-shark season from July to end of September. 

Fascinating Marine Life of Oman

The diversity of Oman’s marine life is unbelievable and magical. Around 1,600 species of fish, 200 species of corals, and seasonal appearances by whale sharks, sea turtles, and so on. Along with this, you can also find –

  •   Zebrasharks
  •   Black tip sharks
  •   Whalesharks
  •   Stingrays 
  •   Sea turtles nesting 

Diving conditions

  • Visibility: 15-30 meters / 50-100 feet
  • Water Temperature: Ranges from 19-28°C/66-82°F
  • Depth Range: Typical maximum depths range from 20-28meters / 66-92 feet

Best Diving Sites to look for in Oman

Best time for Scuba Diving in Oman

Here’s a glimpse of the best-ever spots in Oman – 

  1. Daymaniyat Islands, Muscat –

It is one of the most beautiful and surprising beaches of all time situated in Muscat, Oman. Nine small islands make this quick vacation hotspot more special. It is also called “the jewel of the middle east.” This dynamic island is surrounded by astonishing coral reefs that are best for diving and snorkeling, and tortoise waters. This place is known to be a place for endangered sea turtles, exotic fishes, and untouched coral reefs. This island is a prime location for diving as it is a perfect spot for beginners as well as for advanced divers.

  1. Fahal Island, Muscat-

It is known to be the most important biological and geological sanctuary in the world, a natural heaven in the Arabian Sea also known as Shark Island because of so many black tip reef sharks. It’s a must-visit place to dive into the Arabian Sea. The underwater world of this island contains soft and hard corals of colorful wishes. This island is made up of shells of marine organisms such as shellfish, coral, and algae.

Best Diving Sites to look for in Oman

While choosing a perfect destination for your diving plans, to dive with the sharks or to spend your vacation in the most beautiful and peaceful way possible don’t forget to count Oman and its beautiful islands which will end up giving peace and adventure to your soul.