It is our favorite place to be. It is our favorite place to spend time. It is our favorite place to catch some sun. It is our favorite place to see amazing marine life. It is our home. It’s Daymaniyat Island.

40 minutes by boat from Al Mouj Marina

Daymaniyat Island are located around 18 kilometer off the coast of Barka, north of Muscat. MolaMola Diving Center is located in Al Mouj Marina, so it takes us around 40 to 45 minutes to reach the Nature Reserve by our fast Bella boat.

Yes, Daymaniyat Island is a Nature Reserve protected by the Omani government since 1996 to help conserve the turtles and fish as well as the coral reefs in the area. Therefore during the months of May to end of October, no one is allowed to enter the island as they are an important nesting site for turtles as well as a wide range of migratory birds.

Turquoise Water and a lot of marine life

Nine small islands make up this tourist hotspot as the island are also often called “the Jewel of the Middle East”. The largest of the small islands lies almost within spitting distance of the beach, a large rocky hump topped by a string of watchtowers, while the other smaller islands lie further out to sea. It’s possible to walk across the white sand to the main island.

The Daymaniyat Islands are surrounded by turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs that are perfect for snorkeling and diving. The islands are home to endangered sea turtles, untouched coral reefs, and exotic fish. Therefore the islands are one of Oman’s leading dive spots – and also we as a Dive Center like to dive there most. Daymaniyat Islands offers great dive sites to all level divers, beginners to advanced. You can expect to see a huge diversity of hard and soft corals and encounter Morray eals, sting rays, Zebra sharks and turtles as well as Whalesharks in summer.

At Daymaniyat Island we have more then 12 dive sites – so there is a lot to see and discover for you. Book your trip with us for Snorkeling or Scuba Diving now and we will take you to the best places – guaranteed.