Are you visiting Muscat, the capital of Oman? Lucky you! Muscat is a beautiful city that has lots to offer: Visit the Grand Mosque, the Souq in Matrah, or go Snorkeling. The Gulf of Oman offers a lot to discover. Keep on reading and get to know what you can see.

Healthy corals, a lot of colorful fish, and even Whale sharks

Snorkeling in Muscat offers you beautiful, colorful tropical fish and healthy corals. You can find bigger fish such as turtles, rays, or sharks or if you are looking for the smaller stuff, you can look out for nudibranchs. And hey, we even have a season for Whale Sharks in Oman. Read the blog post about Whalesharks here.

You are wondering where to go to? MolaMola Diving Center is the place to be. We are located in Al Mouj Marina and we’re offering daily Snorkeling trips to both, Daymaniyat and Fahal Island.

In our opinion, Daymaniyat is the best place to Snorkel or Scuba Dive in Oman. Daymaniyat Island is located north of Muscat within a 40-minute boat ride from Al Mouj Marina where MolaMola Diving Center is located. We have more than 20 dives sites at Daymaniyat island, but you can find our favorite one here. Fahal Island is beautiful as well, with lots of healthy corals and reef sharks. Fahal Island is on the southern side of Al Mouj Marina and a bit closer for us to reach, only about 25 minutes by boat.

Let your mind relax

Leave the busy city, the noise from the traffic, and all the dirt behind you – let’s go on a Snorkeling Trip and let your mind relax for some hours. We are usually leaving Al Mouj Marina at 8 am in the morning, making our way to either Daymaniyat or Fahal Island. As soon as we reach the crystal-clear water there, you probably can’t resist and will jump straight to the water to discover what lies underneath the surface. Once you are done, we will all eat a great BBQ lunch together. After that, you can take a sunbathe on our nice sun deck before we head to our second dive site – where once again you can discover lots of beautiful marine life. After around 7 hours in the ocean, we’re back in the marina around 3 pm – so that gives you enough time to take a shower before you head out to the city to enjoy an amazing Arabic dinner.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Snorkeling Trip with us today.