Oman is a beautiful country to visit. The people are super friendly, the country is very safe and the nature is stunning: High mountains with very old villages, the desert with its many camels and of course all the amazing Wadis where you can hike along and go swimming. But you know what else Oman has to offer? An amazing ocean with beautiful marine life!

Add the Daymaniyat Island on to your bucket list

Despite all the great land activities, it is a must to discover our Omani oceans beauty. Diving and Snorkeling in Oman should be on top of your bucket list, especially Snorkeling or Diving at the Daymaniyat Islands, a Nature Reserve protected by the Omani government. You are wondering why? Let me give you four simple reasons:        

1.Crystal clear water

Oman offers warm water with crystal clear visibility most of the times – especially during winter months when the water is a bit colder and contains less plankton. Anytime from October up to May the visibility can be up to 30 meters. The diving around Muscat, where MolaMola Diving Center is located, is simple and calm. Water temperature ranges between 23 degrees Celsius in winter and up to 32 degrees in summer. 

2.Blooming Marine life

The marine life around Muscat, especially at Daymaniyat Island, is full of life and colors. We have many colorful, tropical fish and hard and soft corals to gaze at. There are many nudibranchs and reef fish in our area – and if you are into bigger fish, we got you covered with different types of turtles, rays such as Stingrays or Cowtail ray and Zebra and Black Reef Shark. And during summer season we even spot Whale Sharks on our dives! Read more about the Whale Shark season in Oman here.

3.Amazing dive sites

Our dive sites are perfect for newly certified divers as well as for advanced divers! At Daymaniyat Island we have more than 20 dive sites to choose from, with depths up to 30 meters. Some dive sites are great to spot Zebra sharks, others are amazing because they have some caves where we may find huge moray eels or lopsters.

But even if you are not a diver and you are only looking to snorkel around our waters, don’t worry – our dive sites are amazing for Snorkeling as well. And you are even the lucky one when it comes to turtles. Some days you may see more than 20 of them in one single spot.

4.Oman’s Best Diving Center

But even the best visibility, water temperature, dive sites and marine life will not make for a perfect trip if the dive school is bad. But hey, today’s your lucky day – you’ve found the perfect dive school for the best Diving in Oman! At MolaMola Diving Center we make sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest – with a BBQ lunch, soft drinks, full rental equipment and a spacious boat to sunbath during surface interval. And more importantly, great company!


So, are you convinced that Scuba Diving or Snorkeling in Oman is worth a try? Book a trip with MolaMola Diving Center to discover the best Diving in Oman!