Are you looking for the best place to dive in Oman? Good news: You found it! Daymaniyat Island is also called the Maledives of Oman because of its turquoise water and stunning coral reefs.

There are many places to dive – but nothing is like Daymaniyat Island

During your time in Oman you may find some other places to dive like Bander Khayran or Fahal Island. But to be honest with you: The dive sites there are nothing compared to the ones in Daymaniyat Island.

The Daymaniyat islands is a Nature Reserve protected by the Omani government and home to endangered sea turtles, untouched coral reefs, and exotic fish. Therefore, the islands are one of Oman’s leading dive spots!

During the months of May to end of October, no one is allowed to enter the island – as they are an important nesting site for turtles as well as a wide range of migratory birds. The care from the Omani government about the Daymaniyat Island can be seen underwater as well. Despite from old fishing nets, there is almost no trash to be found. The corals are healthy and the marine life is blooming.

Great visibility up to 30 meters

The Daymaniyat Island offer warm water with crystal clear visibility most of the times – especially during winter months when the water is a bit colder and contains less plankton. Anytime from October up to May can promise you visibility up to 30 meters – always depending on the sea condition of course. Water temperature ranges between 23 degrees Celsius in winter and up to 32 degrees in summer. 

And yes, you may have figured it out already: Diving in the Daymaniyat Island can be done year-around. Scuba Diving here in Oman is possible every month of the car with April to May and September to October being the best combination of surface and sea temperatures.

Summer time is Whale Shark time

During the summer months – from June till the end of August – the temperature in Oman is very hot. But what is better than going to the ocean when its too hot to stay on land? Correct – nothing. But you know what? We can even top that. From July to late September is the annual whale shark season in Oman!

During summer we spot the Whale Shakrs regularly in big groups. We usually stop our boat as soon as we see the whale sharks so you can enter the water and snorkel with them. But sometimes, if you are very lucky, you can even see them during your dive.

But you are still wondering what’s more to see when diving the Daymaniyat Island? Don’t worry – you won’t be disappointed. We have many colorful, tropical fish and hard and soft corals to gaze at. There are many nudibranchs and reef fish in our area – and if you are into bigger fish, we got you covered with different types of turtles, rays such as Stingrays or Cowtail ray and Zebra and Black Reef Shark. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your Scuba Diving trip to Daymaniyat Island with us today.