On the southern side of Al Mouj Marina the limestone wedge of Fahal Island offers divers healthy soft and hard coral gardens, a cave swim-through, and opportunities to see various species of shark resting on the seafloor. Maybe this is the reason why Fahal Island also owns the nickname “Sharks Island”.

Located 4km from the mainland

Al Fahal Island is situated around 4km from the mainland and has an area of just 2.24 km2. It is composed mostly of around 55 to 35 million year old Eocene limestone and marl. This limestone was originally part of the sea floor. It is made up from the shells of marine organisms such as bivalve shellfish, coral and algae, deposited in a shallow marine environment. The island outcrop is now exposed on the surface due to uplift and change in sea levels.

Even tho the Island is very close to shore, it takes us around 20 to 25 minutes to reach Fahal by boat as our boat is located a bit north from Fahal Island at Al Mouj Marina. But you will enjoy the boat ride a lot, it’s a great chance to have a look at Muscats coastline.

Excellent Diving with healthy corals

This small island offers excellent diving with reefs found down at 40 meters and the calm waters around Fahal Island are suitable for divers of all levels. The sea life around Fahal is varied and interesting. Schools of fish are often seen swimming in and around the corals and reefs, they are of different species, shapes and colours and are fascinating to watch. One can see schools of barracuda swimming by. Giant eagle rays will be gliding past in a distance and sharks are often lazing on the shallower sandbanks. A very lucky few have even seen whale sharks swimming by.

The Muscat sea area is rich in corals and at the centre of this diversity are the Fahal Islands, next to Daymaniyat Island ( https://www.molamoladivingcenter.com/daymaniyat-island-more-than-just-an-island/ ). We wrote a previous Blog post about our favorite dive sites at both, Daymaniyat and Fahal island. Check it out here: https://www.molamoladivingcenter.com/ultimate-list-of-best-dive-sites-in-oman/

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